Family Camp

Family Camp 2020: July 4-11

Update from Bart Hall, June 2020:

Fireworks have been approved and permitted, so we’ll have fireworks at camp on July 4th. I’m working on the details for honoring our veterans as well.

Aaron Couch is our main speaker. Aaron is a part of the Relational Discipleship Network that Chris Knight talked about a couple years ago. He’s a gifted communicator, and I’m excited he’s coming. Chris Lehane is back to lead worship. Chad Brown from our own Great Lakes Region will speak Thursday through Saturday morning.

Kids will have one time of ministry per day. Charge will be $10 per child.

Youth Camp will happen.  It will be day campers only, and there will be no Michigan Adventure this year. See more information here.

The dining hall will be open. Due to new state regulations on serving, it’s going to be entirely different. The tables will be spaced out more, takeout will be available, and you will have everything served to you (as opposed to buffet where you would serve yourself). Prices will not change for dining hall this year. Cost last year was $4 for breakfast, $6 for lunch and $8 for dinner.

Regarding the pool during Family Camp: Our team thought of many possibilities for the pool. Due to state regulations, our capacity has to stay under 50% (40 people). Plus, our team is required to regularly check the pool and record the numbers to make sure we comply. We are going to ask that people use the honor system and only stay at the pool for an hour at a time to give others an opportunity. I know some people like to camp out at the pool most of the day, but we’re asking this year to be different. We are expecting lower numbers for camp overall, and I’m expecting the honor system will work for this year. With it all being by adult supervision, we should be able maintain limits on both number of people present and time spent so everyone who wants to have time there will be able to.

As I said in a video, camp will not be the same. As a family camp team, we had a choice to make: do we run camp within restrictions and guidelines, thus running it differently this year? Or, do we say we can’t run camp as we always have so let’s just cancel? Those were our choices. Many, many camps have chosen to not alter anything and just cancel for the season. Our team’s desire is to allow us to gather and worship, even if that means things are different. Would we prefer all the COVID-19 news and restrictions just never happened and we could run camp as normal? Absolutely! Yet that is not the case.

With that said, I’m asking for patience and understanding from all of you. I know there will be frustrations, yet we have the ability to gather together and still camp during family camp. I encourage you to take advantage of the time to slow down and enjoy relationships throughout the week. I know God can and will still meet with us. Let’s focus on what we can do. And let’s pray we can be back to normal next year for Family Camp 2021.

Please also see our most recent COVID-19 update regarding screening and procedures here.

Campground Amenities Included

Dining Hall (meal plans available)
Tabernacle (with air conditioning)
Snack Shop
Swimming Pool
Kids Playground
Cheney Hall
RV and Tent Sites Available
(Honey wagon services)
9 Hole Frisbee Golf Course
Low Cost Firewood

Family Camp Activities

Rallies Every Night
Ladies Crafts
Golf Outing
Seniors Night
IWU Alumni Dessert Social
Fresh Made Donuts
And Much Much More

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(269) 945-5193


2349 Campground Road Hastings, MI 49058